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Canadian Beef Industry BrochureCanadian Beef Industry Brochure
This resource provides an overview of key attributes of the system used for cattle production and beef processing in Canada. The contribution of these systems to the safety and quality of Canadian beef is highlighted. Download only (151789)
The Canadian Food Safety SystemThe Canadian Food Safety System
This resource provides an overview of Canada's interlocking controls for beef safety and animal health from gate-to-plate. The role of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Canada's BSE prevention and control system is summarized. Download only (151772)
English (PDF)
The Canadian Beef Grading SystemThe Canadian Beef Grading System
The Canadian Beef Grading System brochure provides an overview of Canada's strict grading standards and the role of the Canadian Beef Grading Agency. The contribution of individual attributes to beef quality is summarized. Download only. (151766)
English (PDF)
The Canadian Cattle Identification SystemThe Canadian Cattle Identification System
This brochure provides information on Canada's national cattle identification and traceability system, the first mandatory ID system in North America. Download only (151775)
English (PDF)
Canadian Commercial BeefCanadian Commercial Beef
This resource provides an introduction to Canadian beef products produced from mature cattle including purchasing specifications for cuts and trim as well as an overview of relevant quality and safety controls. Download only (151769)
English (PDF)
Bilingual Cutting and Merchandising DVDBilingual Cutting and Merchandising DVD
Accurately trimming and portioning of beef is critical to successfully merchandising beef at both retail and foodservice. This DVD includes 16 of the most popular beef cuts and walks you through both traditional and innovative merchandising techniques specific to both the retail and foodservice trades. View Now (151864)
Beef Nomenclature Scale FileBeef Nomenclature Scale File
This document includes Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved nomenclature for all fresh beef cuts in English and French. (122011)
English/Anglais/French/Francais (PDF)
Nutrition Facts Tables for Ground BeefNutrition Facts Tables for Ground Beef
This document provides sample Nutrition FactsTables for ground beef. Note the tables are for illustration purposes only. Printing from PDF may alter dimensions. Copying may cause distortion. (150914)
English (PDF) French (PDF)
Beef Merchandising GuideBeef Merchandising Guide
This new laminated poster shows primal, sub-primal and retail cuts of beef and their relation to the beef carcass. Government-approved nomenclature for each cut and a number of new cuts options are also shown. (150124)
English (PDF) French (PDF)
Beef Merchandising Manual for Retail Operators-Merchandising Solutions for Category GrowthBeef Merchandising Manual for Retail Operators-Merchandising Solutions for Category Growth
A comprehensive 40-page guide to merchandising beef at retail including technical information, new cutting and merchandising techniques. (151594)
English (PDF)
Good Retail Practices Meat ManualGood Retail Practices Meat Manual
The Good Retail Practices Meat Manual provides an overview of important food safety information related to retail processes and programs. (152092)
Our Shared Commitment On E. coli 0157:H7Our Shared Commitment On E. coli 0157:H7
The beef industry and the Canadian government have made a comprehensive and shared commitment to address challenges presented by E. coli O157:H7. This brochure outlines enhancements to food safety systems, advances in laboratory-based research as well as efforts in education and training. (152079)
English (PDF) French (PDF)
Retail Food Safety Kit with 8 postersRetail Food Safety Kit with 8 posters
The Retail Food Safety Kit consists of a manual and a series of 8 posters outlining good retail practices for the retail meat operation. (152091)
Retail Labelling of Fresh Beef ProductsRetail Labelling of Fresh Beef Products
Retail Labelling of Fresh Beef Products reviews general labelling requirements for Canadian and imported fresh beef products sold at retail. This authoritative brochure draws information from a number of relevant federal and provincial acts, regulations and guidelines. It also allows retailers to access additional information from many government and industry websites. (151993)
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